Our Best Spiritual and Meditation Items for Safe Travels This Summer

Our Best Spiritual and Meditation Items for Safe Travels This Summer

Summer is by far the most popular time for Americans to vacation- especially July. According to AAA, from 2019-2021, an average of nearly 50 million Americans- so almost 15% of the entire country’s population- travel at least 50 miles from their home over the July 4th weekend, with the 2022 numbers landing in the same vicinity.

As exciting as it can be to pack up the car or suitcase for a long weekend (or longer!) away with family or friends, even a short, local trip to somewhere familiar can stir up intense feelings of anxiety, stress, and worry. These feelings are only exacerbated when traveling somewhere far or unfamiliar, dealing with crowded airports and bus terminals, keeping an eye on the little ones, and in stifling summer heat. From triple checking you’ve got your plane tickets, to wondering if the family dog will be lonely without you, it can feel exhausting to go on vacation before you even arrive at your destination.

For these reasons, we at DharmaCrafts have compiled a list of items that will help you keep your mind and spirit feeling at ease and ready to take on any hiccups you may face on your journey with a level head. These items offer protection, practicality, and convenience- everything you need when packing for a tropical vacation, wellness retreat, a quiet weekend away, and everything in between. 

Travel Amulet
This silver amulet is a specially designed piece of protective jewelry that protects the wearer while traveling. It contains a seed blessed by the State Oracle of Tibet (Nechung Oracle), protector of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people. It represents the energy which transcends time and space and offers protection from obstacles, losses, and negativity- especially when traveling.

Amulet measures 3/4" W x 1" L and comes on black cotton cord. Made in Nepal.

Meditation Supplies
For those who are particularly dedicated to their meditation practices and prefer to continue their meditation routine even when away from home, DharmaCrafts offers a handful of items to help you create a sacred space no matter where you are.

  • Enso Meditation Timer by Salubrion: This deluxe meditation timer is an ideal travel meditation tool that features choice of tone/ sound and allows you to save up to 3 custom programs with up to 50 set intervals within each saved program sequence. It also functions as an alarm clock and regular digital clock. This meditation clock also comes in a velvet case, is battery operated, and is only a few inches in diameter, making it extra convenient for travel. 

Clock measures 3.75” in diameter; requires 2 AAA batteries (included)

  • Meditation Cushions: Our range of meditation cushions are all perfect for use at home or while traveling thanks to their modest size. Our Zafu cushions in particular are only 15" in diameter with a 5 1/2" loft and feature a convenient carrying handle for added portability. All of our meditation pillows work for yoga, regular exercise, and seated meditation. Our selection of zabutons, zafus, yoga mats, meditation bolsters, and custom support cushions allow you to mix and match to create the most comfortable setup for yourself.

Pictured: Studio Zafu Zabuton Set in Midnight Blue

  • Roll Up and Go Yoga Mat: Our cushioned yoga mats were designed with portability in mind; simply roll it up like a sleeping bag, tie it off with the sewn-on ties, and carry it away with the built-in handle. This exercise mat is perfect for easy packing and unpacking for classes, retreats, and anywhere else you choose to practice. It can also serve as a sleeping mat.
Meditation Benches
All of the meditation benches we offer are intended for use in the “seiza” or Japanese kneeling position. This seated meditation position helps to improve spinal alignment, posture, breathing, and focus while meditating. Of the 3 meditation seat currently available at DharmaCrafts, 2 are specially designed for travel. See our meditation bench blog to help choose which bench is best for your needs.
  • IKUKO Ergonomic Meditation Bench: The IKUKO Meditation Bench features a curved seat that aligns the spine for comfortable sitting in the seiza meditation position. The IKUKO bench is designed to be carried everywhere you go-  the legs are removable, and it comes in an organic cotton travel bag.
  • Omni Bench 2: This extremely popular folding meditation stool is also intended for use in the seiza meditation position and features specially designed hinges that hold the legs open and secure when the bench is in use, then close easily to fold the legs for portability and easy storage. It also features a unique flat seat.

Altar Items
An altar is a quintessential element to any serious meditator’s routine. These sacred spaces serve as a peaceful and intimate spot to enter your zen state. All of these items also make for great gifts for the spiritual people in your life.

  • Gold Bodhi Travel Altar Box: This offering box contains a simple Khata blessing scarf, aromatic herbal Buddha (2" high), mala, spicy Nag Champa incense, incense burner and votive candle, all featured inside an eco-box made with precious sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper over recycled paper board. Keep the box this beautiful set comes in as a travel case so you always have your altar materials available when away from home.

Box includes Khata blessing scarf, aromatic herbal Buddha figure, mala, incense, incense burner and votive candle

  • Travel Candles: These portable soy candles in tin containers by Lotus Love Beauty are ideal to use alone or with your travel altar for a sensory experience while meditating away from home.
  • Crystal Charged Essential Oil Sprays: These sprays are a wonderful alternative to candles in places where you can’t have open flame. They allow you to still have your senses stimulated while experiencing the crystal and oil benefits infused within these sprays.  
  • Jizo Statues: Jizo Bodhisattva is often known as the protector of children, women, and travelers in the six realms of existence. Having a physical depiction of him with you while out traveling serves as a reminder to remain calm and know his presence is with you on your journeys.
The plethora of malas available on DharmaCrafts ensures that there is one for every person and purpose. The majority we offer are either 27 bead wrist malas or 108 bead traditional malas, which can be worn on the neck or wrapped around the wrist. By wearing your malas for prayer, meditation, travel, and day-to-day life, you carry with you the reminder of your spiritual beliefs, as well as the inherent benefits brought on by the stones used in each unique type of mala.
  • Amethyst: This wonder stone is one of the most beneficial there is for its numerous positive effects. For travel, amethyst malas are an ideal choice because of the stone’s ability to repel negative energy (such as stress and misfortune) while also encouraging calmness and anxiety relief.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Like the powerful beast it gets its name from, tiger’s eye is associated with strength and courage. Wearing a tiger’s eye mala while traveling helps to boost confidence and make you more able to be yourself while visiting a foreign place. 
  • Smoky Quartz: This stone is thought to absorb the negative energies around you and increase awareness, something that can be extremely beneficial while traveling. Wearing a mala with smoky quartz will empower you to travel with confidence.

Pictured: Rainbow Fluorite & Amethyst Mala, 108 beads

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