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Body Scan Meditation

This Body Scan meditation script is a practice in mindfulness. Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and helps us to better understand how we are feeling here and now. Body scans, in particular, are beneficial when practicing mindfulness because they help us come into our bodies and connect with our heartbeat, our breath, and everything we are feeling in this moment. This guided meditation is a great way to start your day, or whenever you need a moment of internal connection.

Body scan meditation might seem like a relatively simple practice. But like many things that bring you closer to yourself and the universe there is infinite power in the simple and easy. In the seemingly effortless. 

A body scan meditation is a way to reconnect with your body by bringing awareness to every part of it, from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. You can do a body scan meditation, either laying down or sitting up. Bring your mind to your toes – really pay attention to everything you might be feeling in that area. Gradually work your way up along your body, through your feet, up your ankles, and your calves. Slowly keep moving your attention up along your body to the crown of your head. 

The aim of a body scan meditation is to identify any areas in your body that may be holding tension – or any other sensation that is waiting for you to pay attention to it, to acknowledge it, to integrate or release it.

About Ariel:

Ariel has worked with movement her whole life. Originally a dancer for many years, she shifted to her focus to Somatic Psychotherapy in 2008 where she obtained her MA at CIIS in San Francisco. She worked at The Center for Somatic Psychotherapy, one of the only somatic based clinics in the country. In 2010 She obtained her MFT license in California. Since then she has built a private practice in San Francisco, centered around supporting individuals, children, adolescents and families using somatic work, movement therapy and mindfulness meditation. Most recently, she established a private practice in Belgium. She was certified to teach yoga in 2002 and has taught yoga, meditation and workshops of various topics over the years in San Francisco, Boston and Lewisburg, PA. She has studied with various teachers in the mindfulness community, primarily Tara Brach. She has been melding the disciplines of movement, meditation and psychotherapy for over 15 years to help others find choice and equanimity in their lives. She currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium where she enjoys rock climbing, meditating and other outdoor adventures with her husband.



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