DharmaCrafts' Calming Meditation Script - "Blissful Mind"

DharmaCrafts' Calming Meditation Script - "Blissful Mind"

Meditation scripts are a great gateway into meditation for beginners, and can elevate the practice of even the most experienced meditators. A meditation script is a written or recorded set of mindful words that guide you through a meditation. Often these guided meditation scripts involve imagining yourself in a particular place, or focusing on a particular thing. Meditation scripts can be long or short. We find that short meditation scripts can provide an opportunity to squeeze meditation into even the busiest of schedules.

You can find a meditation script to target almost any specific concern that you can think of: meditation scripts for the new year, healing meditation scripts, body scan meditation scripts, mindfulness meditation scripts, chakra meditation scripts, and more. Our free meditation script that we would like to share with you today is a blissful mind meditation. 

This quick and easy meditation script will take you on a journey to a peaceful field where you can lay your troubles and responsibilities aside, if for only a few minutes. Click the image below to open the MP3 Audio File.

We have everything that you need to start a new meditation practice, or to take your existing mindfulness practice to the next level. Comfort is key to be able to truly free your mind. Our meditation cushions, also know as zafus and zabutons, are perfectly supportive whether you plan to sit in meditation for 10 minutes or for hours at a time.


If you are creating a sacred space in your home for meditation and mindfulness, we have all the meditation supplies that you could need. From incense and sage to burn during meditation, to altars, statues, meditation clothing, and candles, DharmaCrafts is proud to supply your practice. Many of our products are handmade by Artisans in Bali or by our own team of craftsman in Fall River, MA.


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