Getting More Comfortable with Meditation Postures

Getting More Comfortable with Meditation Postures

Listening to Your Body

When you begin to practice sitting meditation, you may experience some discomfort or pain during sitting - much as you would if you took up a new sport. Remember that it is okay to change positions if you experience pain. You may even try standing behind your cushion or chair for a while until you feel ready to sit again. You can support and strengthen your meditation by accepting your body as it is and by being gentle with yourself.

Meditation is a life-long practice and our bodies may feel different every time we practice. The Heart Sutra says, “No attainment, with nothing to attain.”  Be patient. In time your body will become comfortable with sitting and you will look forward to “assuming the position.”

You can customize your comfort to your body's shape, size, and flexibility with our assortment of support cushions. We designed these smaller meditation cushions in sizes and shapes to meet your needs for comfort and support while sitting on a zafu pillow and zabuton mat, chair, or meditation bench.

Buckwheat Support Cushion
Less flexible meditators, whose knees do not touch the mat when sitting in a crossed-legged position, will appreciate the extra support provided by placing our 16"x12"x4" Buckwheat Support Cushion under a knee or thigh.
Tall meditators who need added height can put the Buckwheat Support Cushion under a buckwheat zafu.

Square Support Cushion
Customize your comfort with our 14"x14" Square Support Cushion. Whether you need added height, cushioning under your knees when sitting in the cross-legged position, or cushioning under your ankles or hands — our variety of support cushions will provide additional comfort and support.
Whatever Cushion
Only 7 1/2 inches square and 1 inch high, this teeny, tiny pillow can cushion a sore ankle or knee, ease shoulder strain,  prop droopy wrists, or whatever.


Products shown:  Classic Buckwheat Support CushionClassic Square Support Cushion, Organic Square Support Cushion, Classic Whatever CushionSupport cushions also come in colors to complement the Stillness & Light collections, and Joyful Yogi collections, and other fabrics can be custom requested.

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