How to Choose Which Meditation Bench is Right for You

How to Choose Which Meditation Bench is Right for You

Who should use a meditation bench and why?

All of our meditation benches are designed to increase comfort while in the seiza position. Seiza is a seated meditation position that dates back to ancient times in Japan. The position is attained by kneeling on the knees and resting the buttocks on the feet while keeping the back straight and upright. It is a formal way of sitting practiced in traditional ceremonies and settings in modern Japan. In the context of meditation, seiza posture is a commonly used position because of its multitude of bodily benefits. It helps to align the spine, correct posture, and open the chest, as well as flex the ankles, hips, and knees.

Despite this meditation posture’s popularity and health benefits, the pressure on the knees and ankles it causes can still take a toll on the body over extended periods of time when practiced on hard surfaces with no aids. Also, as we age, our bodies might have more difficulty in achieving and maintaining seiza posture and other meditation positions, such as cross-legged (lotus), due to decreasing flexibility. This is why a meditation bench, especially when combined with a zabuton cushion underneath, is a vital addition to any meditator’s routine.

A zafu and zabuton meditation cushion set can also help with attaining correct seiza posture and increasing comfort, but wooden benches offer greater support and are, of course, more firm. It is up to the individual to decide which tool best suits their needs and desired comfort level. Read our blog to learn more about which product suits you best!

How to choose which meditation bench is best for you

When shopping for a meditation bench, you are shopping for an essential meditation tool to accompany you in your practices for years to come. Every meditator is different, which means all of our bodies have different needs regarding comfort, personal preference, and abilities. Because of this, it’s important that you do enough research to ensure you’re making an educated decision and investing in the perfect meditation stool to suit you and your meditation style. Some important factors to consider when deciding which meditation bench is right for you include: size, positions you intend to use it in, price point, your experience level, and any unique traits each bench may possess.

All 3 of our DharmaCrafts meditation benches are:

  • Handcrafted of various hardwoods.
  • Designed to be used in the “seiza” (kneeling) meditation position.
  • Sized to fit most meditators.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Able to be used with both our classic and organic meditation bench cushions, for added comfort .
  • Can be used with our zabuton cushions underneath.
  • Can be used for other tasks such as reading, studying, gardening, general exercise, yoga, and more.

Our 3 benches:

  • Seiza Meditation Bench
  • Thanks to its straightforward design, the Seiza Meditation Bench is the quintessential meditation bench. It is perfect for those just getting into meditating, who don’t practice as often/ seriously, or are shopping on a tighter budget.

    This sturdy bench is handcrafted in Vermont from beautiful deep grained hardwoods and comes sanded and ready for finishing. It is the widest and tallest of our benches and also features the steepest slope. 

    Size: Bench measures 18" w x 7 1/2" d x 8" h. The seat slopes from 8" in the back to 6 1/2" in the front. 

  • IKUKO Ergonomic Meditation Bench
  • This beautifully crafted cherry wood meditation bench prioritizes comfort and is an excellent choice for all meditators, especially those who tend to spend longer periods of time meditating. The curved seat aligns the spine for long-term comfort while sitting in the seiza position. It is also designed to be carried everywhere you go; the legs are removable and it comes in an organic cotton travel bag. Handcrafted in Canada, each bench is unique due to natural variations in the wood.

    Size: 16 1/2" w x 7 7/8" d x 7 1/2" h. The seat slopes from 7 1/2" in the back to 5 3/4" in the front.

  • Omni Bench 2
  • This folding meditation bench is our best seller of the three benches we offer and a beloved meditation tool! Handcrafted of sustainably recycled teak wood with a hand-rubbed finish, it features curved legs which allow for individual adjustment and spinal alignment. A specially designed hinge holds the legs open and secure when the bench is in use, then closes easily to fold the legs for portability and easy storage. Because the wood is recycled, each piece is unique and tells a story. All of the wood used to craft these benches was once part of a building, bridge, fence, furniture, or something else, and has been fittingly reincarnated as a meditation bench.

    Thanks to its unique flat design, this bench is the most adaptable option for other uses outside of just meditation. We recommend this bench for all meditators, especially those who tend to bring their meditative practices outdoors and while traveling. Each Omni Bench comes with a black carrying bag for easy packing.

    Size: 16 1/2" l x 7 1/2" w x 7" h. Flat seat with no slope.

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