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Five Buddha Singing Bowl, 5.5"

Five Buddha Singing Bowl, 5.5"

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This finely crafted Five Buddha Singing Bowl is cast from the five healing metals — copper, brass, bronze, silver, and zinc. Sitting inside of the bowl, five small Buddhas spiral the bottom. The outside is greeted with the Tibetan compassion mantra. Easy to play, with a higher pitched tone. This 5.5" Tibetan singing bowl comes with a smooth silk brocade cushion and a wooden striker. Made in Nepal.

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  • Each bowl is made with 7 different metals, that represent the Earth. Get in tune with nature, your surroundings, and your own energy by relaxing and feeling the vibration of your bowl.

    To Play Singing Bowl, place your singing bowl on your palm, while letting the bowl sit freely on your hand. Then, gently strike the rim of your singing bowl and take your striker and place it at the edge of the singing bowl. With light pressure, rub along the edge of the singing bowl with a striker and go around the bowl. It will soon start to sing and vibrate.