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Brass Buddha Statue with Mosaic Detailing - 12"

Brass Buddha Statue with Mosaic Detailing - 12"


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This large Brass Buddha Statue with Mosaic Detailing boasts a finely embellished robe decorated with small neutral-colored and crimson stones, faux gems, filigree, and engraving.

Seated a proud 12" tall with extraordinary detailing, this Buddha statue is a worthy honor to The Enlightened One. He is posed in the Abhyaha mudra with his right palm facing forward, elbow bent. He rests his left hand on his lap as he cradles an alms bowl. This mudra is a symbol of confidence and reassurance.

Place this big Buddha statue in or near entryways or doorways in your home to attract positive energies and keep negative ones out. He would also make a wonderful centerpiece for a meditation table or Buddhist altar

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Size: 12" tall x 9.5" wide

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