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Chimpaka Wood Shrine

Chimpaka Wood Shrine

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Carved from Chimpaka wood, whose flowers are used for offerings, this shrine serves as a beautiful altar table to hold statues, incense, or other meditation supplies.

In Bali, these small house shrines are usually hung on the wall, each having a slightly different purpose depending on its location. Every day, small offerings are made by lighting incense, sprinkling water, or offering flowers and prayers. These Shrines may be used in any country as a place to offer thanks and express our wishes. They can be a place to honor things that have a special meaning to us or a place to focus our gratitude and intentions.

Tibetan beliefs dictate that the Buddha of the next era will achieve enlightenment under a Chimpaka tree.

Measurements: 16" x 10" x 14"

Made in Bali.

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