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Enso Meditation Timer by Salubrioni

Enso Meditation Timer by Salubrioni


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Enso Pearl Meditation Timer — With Enhanced Sound!

  • Amazing sound quality: clear — sounds like the gong is sitting next to you!
  • Easy to use — very intuitive!
  • Measures in seconds (in addition to minutes and hours)
  • Enhanced alarm feature

Sample Gong:

Moktak Example:

Alarm Sample:

DharmaCrafts is proud to offer this innovative meditation timer specifically designed for meditation practitioners. We worked directly with the designer to produce the ideal solution to begin and end meditation sessions with a selection of traditional tones.

Enso Pearl
The Japanese enso symbolizes enlightenment, power, and the universe itself. It is a direct expression of this-moment-as-it-is, an ideal symbol for the face of a meditation timer. The enso is gradually painted around the face of the timer as the session progresses until the circle, and the session, are complete.


  • Easy to use.
  • Save up to 3 custom programs with up to 50 set intervals within each saved program sequence.
  • Choose from 4 unique sounds (listen to sounds above)
  • Use as timer, clock and alarm.
  • 3 3/4" diameter.


  • Protective velvet carrying case
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Instructions
  • New and improved Digital Meditation Timer is even easier to program and now has clearer Tibetan bell and Japanese gong sounds. Watch Wendy from DharmaCrafts program a sample timed interval that may be used for yoga, sitting, metta, and walking meditation. This best-selling meditation timer is perfect for travel and meditating on the go.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I love these timers.

Sifǔ Anthony Tarasca
Great Clock

This is the third Enso Clock that I purchased from DharmaCrafts over the past decade and they are great clocks. The other two are still working with no issues, showing how well made and durable they are. One I use as an alarm clock in my bedroom, the second I use in my Kwoon for meditation and now I have a third that I purchased for my office at work. I highyl recommend this awesome clock.

Gentle Awakening

I have only been using my Enso timer a short while, and haven't attempted using the interval settings yet. I have primarily been using it as my alarm clock and the quiet gong is a perfect sound to gently rouse me from my dreamtime slumber. The seconds enso brush stroke feature is a welcome alternative when I need to track the minutiae. If it withstands the test of time, it is well worth the price just for these details.

Charlotte Clemons
Still going strong

I purchased my timer back in 2006 using it in my Yoga classes. Now years later it is still going strong in 2021. Only thing is my micro phone is turned off, which means no sound. I need help with that. Printing up manual now hoping I can find the turn on button.

Wonderful unit

John Vrabel
Excellent Product

This timer is my 3rd Enso Timer. I purchased one when they first came out. Back then, they were a little complicated to set up so I would call them when the battery ran out and re-setting was necessary. The original group was always very helpful and they admitted set up was difficult so when their first upgraded model came out they kindly offered to sell it to me at half price. It was a huge improvement, even easy for me to setup! Then there was a dark period when phone calls to their original number were answered by an automated recording that could only be described as strange. Fast forward to recently and I googled Enso Meditation Timer, and DharmaCrafts appeared. I’ve always highly valued my timer and wanted to purchase a back-up just in case, which brings us to today. Your timers are unique and perfectly suited for my needs.
Thank you!
John Vrabel
Satisfied Customer!