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Fresh Water Pearl Mala

Fresh Water Pearl Mala

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This stunning 108 bead mala is made entirely of beautiful fresh water pearls and accented with carnelian and jade spacer beads that add a vibrant pop of color. Each pearl bead has "Om Mani Padme Hung" hand-carved on.

This well-known mantra is associated with the bodhisattva of compassion: Avalokiteshvara. This mantra invokes the compassionate spirit of Avalokiteshvara and chanting it helps to clear the mind while opening the path to enlightenment.

In Tibetan Buddhism pearls are associated with gaining wisdom (prajñā).

Carnelian is one of the Buddhist Seven Treasures. This bright stone is thought to bring warm energies- true to its red color- such as courage and joy.

Jade has long been associated with good luck and fortune in Buddhism and across most of Asia.

Materials: Fresh water pearl with 2 carnelian and 1 green jade stone marker beads.

Size: 108 bead mala with 8mm beads and larger guru bead.

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