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Golden Resin Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - 12"

Golden Resin Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - 12"

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This opulent Golden Resin Shakyamuni Buddha Statue is an eye-catching piece for any living area, meditation space, or sacred altar table. The name "Shakyamuni" is another popular name for Gautama Buddha and is Sanskrit for "Sage of the Sakyas"- the name of the tribe he was part of.

From the top of his head (ushnisha), to the richly-colored green base he sits atop of, this Buddha depiction is full of detail. He boasts a matte gold complexion with finely painted facial details. His hair shows many small coils that represent the individual curls upon his head. The Buddha's robe is painted a bright and shiny gold and features colored and textured detailing. In his hand rests an alms bowl, full of the day's offerings. His gold color would contrast beautifully with the dark wood of our Folding Kiri Wood Table.

In Buddhism, gold is associated with the sun and is seen as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.


Size: 12" tall x 7.5" at base

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