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Magic Gift Kit

Magic Gift Kit

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A thoughtful gift for any meditation novice. Each kit is made to elicit new and positive energy in one's environment. Each kit includes 1 essential oil spray, 1 candle, 1 container of bath salts (except energy clearing) and 1 stone.

Money Magic Kit: This kit includes money magic spray, money magic soy candle, money magic bath salts, and one Citrine stone. Citrine stone is known as "the power of manifesting" unlocking our mind to reveal our own true powers by following our gut instincts. Ingredients in Protection magic kit include: distilled water, witch hazel, and natural essential oils.

Energy Clearing Magic Kit: This kit includes an energy clearing essential oil spray, palo santo soy candle, and an orange Selenite wand. Selenite is said to unblock stagnant, stuck energy and promote a healthy, smooth flow of vitality throughout the body bringing calmness and peace. Ingredients for the Energy Clearing essential oil spray include: distilled water, witch hazel, sweetgrass hydrosol, palo santo essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and common sage essential oil.

Made in USA.

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