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Organic Goodness Essential Oil Room Freshener

Organic Goodness Essential Oil Room Freshener


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Made with natural essential oils, the soft lingering fragrance of our Organic Goodness Essential Oil Room Freshener will gently diffuse into the ambience of your meditation room, or sacred spaces. Spray whichever luscious scent you choose a few times into the air and let it work its aromatic magic!

Madurai Jasmine: The soft, delicate floral scent of jasmine blossoms helps to relax the mind by filling the atmosphere with a lingering fresh aroma.

Nagpuri Narangi (Orange): A fresh and tantalizing orange that uplifts the mind and rejuvenates the spirit.

Dehn Al Oudh (Agarwood): A classic woody oudh that offers a luxurious, rich, and heavenly aroma.

Patchouli Vanilla: Earthy, sweet, and enchanting, this patchouli vanilla blend seeks to encourage prosperity and relaxation.

Desi Gulab (Rose): The delicate and fresh fragrance of this rose scent instantly brings an air of romance wherever it is sprayed.

Mysore Chandan (Sandalwood): Known for its calming and spiritually cleansing properties, the captivating scent of sandalwood turns any room into a center of mindfulness and introspection.
What's to love
  • Made with essential oils & organic sugarcane alcohol
  • 100ml
  • Also available as a candle!
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