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Wooden Jizo Man Statue

Wooden Jizo Man Statue

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Jizo Bodhisattva is the protector of women, children, and travelers between this life and the next. He carries in his hand a traditional Khakkhara- a 6-ringed staff carried by monks. Display him in any meditation space along side his female counterpart: Wooden Jizo Woman Statue.

Material: Carved of sustainably harvested Bentiwas wood.

Size: 9.5" x 2.5" x 3"

Please note that each statue is hand carved and slight variation in size and features is to be expected.

Handmade in Bali, Indonesia.

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  • Sacred Space

    Step into the sanctuary of the Sacred Space, a haven where silence speaks the unspoken truths of the heart. Within its embrace, discover the tranquil path towards serenity, draw upon the wellspring of inner strength, and embark on a journey of profound spiritual transformation.

  • Meditation Room

    Step into your sanctuary, where tranquility reigns supreme. Within the Meditation Room, immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity, embracing a harmonious blend of peace and balance. Let the tranquil ambiance envelop you, guiding your journey toward inner bliss and profound calmness.

  • Buddhist Meditation

    Step into the serene world of Buddhist Meditation, where each breath leads you closer to inner peace. Explore the depths of your being, embracing mindfulness and cultivating a profound sense of tranquility. Let go of stress and worries as you discover the path to true serenity within yourself.