Online Learning Programs

Online Learning Programs

A growing number of highly regarded organizations in the Dharma community are offering online courses taught by leading Buddhist and mindfulness meditation teachers. On this page you’ll find a curated selection of the online Buddhist and mindfulness meditation courses that we think members of our DharmaCrafts community might enjoy.  While most of the courses require a course fee, we will also offer complimentary educational videos when available.

Real Love  Taught by Sharon Salzberg

Offered by: Tricycle. Six weeks.  Self study. Ongoing registration

Beloved meditation teacher and New York Times best-selling author Sharon Salzberg  will guide you through the discovery that genuine love is not an idealistic, sentimental, or romantic emotion, but rather an inner resource we can grow. Click here for a free preview and more information.

Key Lessons:

  • Recognizing that self-love is important. We start with ourselves because we are worthy of love and self-sufficiency supports us to sustain love for others.
  • Working with the inner critic. Perfectionism and self-criticism will not help us to grow or make us happy. Mindfulness can help.
  • Extending love to all beings. We can move beyond compartments of race, class, religion, gender identity, and sexuality while respecting difference.
  • Saying yes to life. The practice of lovingkindness makes us stronger, more sincere versions of ourselves. Big or small kindnesses we do for others improve our own lives.

Why We Recommend This Course:

  • Sharon Salzberg is one of America’s favorite meditation teachers and should not be missed! Although she teaches widely throughout the US and Europe, her talks and retreats sell out far in advance. This is your chance to experience her teaching up close.
  • Sharon was one of the first American Dharma teachers to introduce the Buddhist practice of Lovingkindness (metta) to the West. This course expands upon one of the main themes of her more than 40 years of teaching.
  • Sharon’s down-to-earth teaching style is accessible and interesting for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. 

Korean Buddhist Cooking – taught by Chef Shin Kim and Zen meditation teacher Bo-Mi Choi

Offered by: Tricycle, 4 weeks, Self paced, registration is ongoing

Online Learning Programs I DharmaCrafts

Learn to cook and eat with mindful integrity.  Each week you will receive a lesson in traditional temple cooking and Korean culture, plus a dharma talk designed to weave compassion and intention into your kitchen. Chef Shin demonstrates how to make simple, delicious and healthy vegetarian meals using traditional techniques, while Bo-Mi invites us to look at some of the Zen teachings on food, which involve how to change our relationship to eating. Chef Shin is the author of Vegetarian Dishes from My Korean Home, runs a cooking studio called Banchan Story  and writes a blog.  Bo-Mi is a Dharma Teacher in the Kwanum School of Zen and the director of the Cambridge Zen Center, which is where DharmaCrafts founder Dyan lived (and helped found) when she started the company in 1979. Click here for more information and a preview of this class.

Key Lessons:

  • How to re-connect with food as a source of nourishment, healing, and balance
  • How can we make a distinction between what we want and what we need
  • To what extent do craving and aversion dictate our eating habits and dietary regimen?
  • How can we treat food as an offering and an act of love and compassion

Mindfulness: Origins, Purpose, and Transformational Power – Taught by Stephen Batchelor and Bodhi College

Offered by:  Tricycle. Self paced study with online community forums, registration is ongoing

Online Learning Programs I DharmaCrafts

Four renowned teachers, the core faculty of Bodhi College – Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock, and Akincano Weber will guide an exploration of the religious, philosophical, and psychological dimensions of mindfulness within the context of early Buddhism. Click here to learn more and watch a preview video.

Key Lessons:

  • The role of Mindfulness in the awakening of the Buddha, and the mastery of the Four Noble Truths
  • Integrating mindfulness into our lives and into Buddhist practice
  • How mindfulness supports human flourishing and wellbeing
  • How do we cultivate an ethical life that supports our practice?
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