Collection: Meditation Cushions

We've been making meditation cushions (zafus) and meditation mats (zabutons) that last a lifetime (or two!) since 1979. Premium materials, double-stitched seams, and careful assembly in our warehouse in Fall River, Massachusetts, result in a superior meditation cushion — the perfect place to rest your body and mind. From yoga mats to general support cushions, our collection of meditation cushions ticks all the boxes for your yoga and meditation needs. You can read the full DharmaCrafts story here.

Not sure which would suit you best? Learn which meditation cushion (or meditation bench) is best for you via our guide and flow chart.

  • Zafu Pillow: Select from the "customer favorite" buckwheat hull filled zafu pillow or the hi-zafu buckwheat meditation cushion. Functions on its own as a meditation aid or in combination with the zabuton for enhanced posture.
  • Zabuton Meditation Mat: The foundation cushion for your zafu or meditation bench; helps to alleviate pressure on knees and ankles.
  • Zafu Zabuton Set: Purchase a matching zabuton mat and buckwheat zafu together and save!
  • Yoga Mats: A step above your usual foam yoga mat, this cotton filled mat is plush and comfortable- plus it’s portable! Available in 2 inclusive lengths and a variety of colors.
  • Support Cushions: Customize your yoga or meditation set up with the exact pillows and cushions to suit your needs.
  • Bolsters: A popular choice for increased comfort and posture support during meditative and yoga practices. Available in two different shapes (round or rectangular), and a wide variety of color and fabric options to match your Zafu & Zabuton, or to stand out on its own.
  • View our meditation cushion FAQ for care instructions & more.