Collection: Zabuton Meditation Cushion

The foundation cushion for your zafu (round sitting cushion) or meditation bench. A zabuton (pron. zah'-boo-tawn) provides essential cushioning for your ankles and knees when sitting cross-legged on a zafu or on a meditation bench. Years of Zen Center living have gone into the design of this mat. Eight pounds of cotton batting are stuffed into a muslin cover and tufted in four places to form a permanent inner cushion. A snug zippered cover is slipped over the inner cushion and tufted in the center for a finished look. No need to replace the entire zabuton if the cover becomes soiled. Simply clip the center tuft and remove the cover. All covers are washable and new covers may be ordered. Proudly handcrafted in Fall River, Massachusetts.

  • Zafu Pillow: Select from the "customer favorite" buckwheat hull filled zafu pillow or the hi-zafu buckwheat meditation cushion.
  • Zafu Zabuton Set: purchase a zabuton mat and buckwheat zafu together and save!
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  • Looking for zabuton replacement covers? They can be found here.
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