Collection: Japanese Incense

Incense Offerings express the intention to let go of our individual, conceptual self and be open to our awakened nature. It is customary to offer incense before beginning a period of meditation. Incense is known to have a calming effect on the mind. We are delighted to offer a selection of the world's finest Traditional Incense for Meditation and quiet enjoyment.

About Our Japanese and Korean Incense: Our Japanese and Korean incense are crafted in the same way they were in the traditional old-world according to methods that date back hundreds of years. These incenses are used for meditation and offerings. Most have a sandalwood base while some of our finest Japanese incense have an aloeswood base. The higher the concentration of aloeswood, the finer the incense and the more refined and exotic the scent.

You can find different types of offerings such as Sandalwood Incense, Green Tea Incense, Buddhist Incense, among others. Each one has a unique spiritual meaning.