Jizo, Tara and Other Meditation Statues

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Green Tara Statue with Bronze Finish
Garden Jizo Statue
Small Standing Jizo Statue
Bowing Jizo Statue
Wise Jizo Statue Set
Smiling Jizo StatuesSmiling Jizo Statues
Large Garden Jizo Statue
Gassho Garden Monk Statue
Hand Crafted Wood Jizo Statue
Blessing Jizo StatuesBlessing Jizo Statues
Tsa'tsa Statue, Vajrasattva
Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue
Gilded Copper Chenrezig Statue
Tsa'tsa Statue, White Tara
Guiding the Way Jizo Statue Set
Gilded Copper Zambhala Statue
Gilded Copper Vajrasattva Statue

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