Jizo, Tara and Other Meditation Statues

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Joyful Little Jizo StatuesJoyful Little Jizo Statues
Smiling Jizo StatuesSmiling Jizo Statues
Green Tara Statue with Bronze FinishGreen Tara Statue with Bronze Finish
Small Standing Jizo Statue
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Garden Jizo Statue
Garden Jizo Statue
$211.65 $249
Bowing Jizo Statue
Blessing Jizo StatuesBlessing Jizo Statues
Blessing Jizo Statues
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Wise Jizo Statue Set
Guiding the Way Jizo Statue Set
Hand Crafted Wood Jizo Statue
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Gassho Garden Monk Statue
Gassho Garden Monk Statue
From $203.15 $239
Tsa'tsa Statue, Vajrasattva
Gilded Copper Manjushri Statue
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Large Garden Jizo Statue
Gilded Copper Chenrezig Statue
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Jizo Bodhisattva in Meditation StatueJizo Bodhisattva in Meditation Statue
Tsa'tsa Statue, White Tara
Gilded Copper Zambhala Statue
Gilded Copper Vajrasattva Statue

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