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Miniature Wooden Bodhisattva Statue

Miniature Wooden Bodhisattva Statue


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Not a set - each statue sold separately.

These charming Miniature Wooden Bodhisattva Statues depict Buddha, Jizo, Quan Yin, or Hotei in seated meditation and are made of carved boxwood. Collect them all to display these mini bodhisattva statues as a cohesive set, in different spaces in your home, or to gift to loved ones.


Born Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha was a nomadic monk and teacher who is revered around the world as the founder of Buddhism.


Also known as Ksitigarbha in Sanskrit, Jizo is a benevolent Buddhist monk known for protecting children and travelers and guiding souls on their journey through the afterlife.

Quan Yin

The Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy; where there is a being is in need, she manifests to offer her divine aid. She is the female form of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.


"The Laughing Buddha" is a figure in Japanese folklore, known for his cheerful demeanor, rotund shape, and generous nature. He is a symbol of abundance, joy, and good fortune.


Size: Each figurine measures .75" W x .75" D x 1.5" H.

Material: Boxwood

Please note: Since this product is made of hand-carved wood, minor variations in details and color should be expected.

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