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Beaded Om Mala Bags
Om Mani Malas, Om Mani Mala, 108 beads
Sandalwood Mala, 108 beads
Sandalwood Stretchy Practice MalaSandalwood Stretchy Practice Mala
Lotus Seed Mala, 108 beadsLotus Seed Mala, 108 beads
Rose Quartz Mala, stretchyRose Quartz Mala, stretchy
Tiger  Eye mala, 108 beads
Indian Bodhi Seed Mala, 108 beadsIndian Bodhi Seed Mala, 108 beads
Banded Agate Stretchy Mala
Matte Amethyst Stretchy Mala
Om Mani Compassion Stretchy Mala, 15mm beads
Tree Agate Mala, 108 beadsTree Agate Mala, 108 beads
African Opal & Turquoise Mala, 108 BeadsAfrican Opal & Turquoise Mala, 108 Beads
Rose Quartz Mala, 108 beadsRose Quartz Mala, 108 beads
Turquoise with Carnelian Mala, 108 Beads
Om Mani Compassion Mala, 108 beads

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