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Tibetan Skull & Yak Bone Bracelet

Tibetan Skull & Yak Bone Bracelet


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Powerful symbols of Tibetan culture are combined into a wearable art piece in our Tibetan Skull & Yak Bone Bracelet. It consists of flat, ivory-colored yak bone beads strung along stretchy cord and accented with a carved bone skull bead.

The yak, a species of domestic cattle, has served as an invaluable resource to the peoples of Tibet and the Himalayas for thousands of years. Yaks provide vital resources, such as transportation, wool, dairy, meat, and so much more in this remote and rural region.

The practice of utilizing yak bone in jewelry and other items ties into not just regional culture, but spiritual practices as well. Yak bone malas are frequently used in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, where they serve as reminders of impermanence (anicca), and the cycle of life and death (samsara).

Imagery of human skulls are viewed with similar reverence. Neither of these symbols of death are viewed as morbid, rather they remind us to accept that which we can not change - that no thing is permanent, and all things will change.

Size: 2.5". Stretchy; one size fits most. 13mm beads.

Handmade in Nepal.

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