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Wooden Kuan Yin with Scepter Statue - 9"

Wooden Kuan Yin with Scepter Statue - 9"


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In our Wooden Kuan Yin with Scepter Statue, the merciful Buddhist goddess of compassion is depicted in a seated position with a ruyi gently cradled, like an infant, in her arms.

A ruyi (如意) is a type of ceremonial scepter found throughout Chinese folklore and myth that symbolizes good fortune and luck. The name literally translates to "as you wish", a reference to the talisman's ability to bring forth that which you seek.


Size: 3.75" W x 3" D x 9.5" H

Material: Agarwood

Also known as "oud", this rare and fragrant wood is commonly used in agarwood incense. It is revered in Hinduism and Buddhism for its precious spiritual fragrance that inspires clarity and enlightenment.


Please note: Since this product is made of hand-carved wood, minor variations in details and color should be expected.

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