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Miniature Jizo Monk Statue

Miniature Jizo Monk Statue


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A tiny, stone-look statue of Bodhisattva Jizo (Ksitigarbha in Sanskrit), seated in quiet contemplation. He is a Buddhist deity that is revered predominantly in East Asia, especially Japan, where he is known as Jizo Bosatsu.

Jizo is the guardian of beings between rebirths and the protector of expectant mothers, children, and travelers. He is known as a patient and kind bodhisattva, often depicted as a monk with child-like features. For this reason, statues of Jizo are common gifts for children and expectant mothers, intended to beckon the protective guidance of Jizo.

Visit our blog to learn more about little Jizo: Jizo – Protector of Children, Firemen, and Travelers.


Each of these Miniature Jizo Monk Statues is performing a different mudra (symbolic hand gesture):

Abhaya Mudra

With his hand held to his chest, palm open, Jizo Buddha performs the protective "gesture of fearlessness", encouraging strength and courage while warding off evil.

Gyan Mudra

Jizo Buddha performs the "gesture of consciousness", or Chin Mudra, by placing his hands over his knees and touching the index finger and thumb together. This powerful mudra facilitates mental clarity, deeper focus, and heightened spiritual awareness.


Each statue measures 2.25" tall.

Note: Product color may appear different in images.

Not a set - each sold separately.

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