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Jizo Bodhisattva in Meditation Statue

Jizo Bodhisattva in Meditation Statue

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Jizo is the protector of women and children and the Bodhisattva who is there to help us as we enter life and again when we leave.

This state could be considered the Kara Te Jizo; the empty Handed Jizo. He sits quietly, without his usual accompanying staff with 6 rings and Cintamani Jewel, and he simply listens to what needs to be heard. He is raised up a bit on a tree stump-like base, so that when he is placed in your garden or surrounded by flowers on your altar, he will still have a clear view of those in need of him.

Size: 14” H x 9 ½” W x 7" D

Materials: Hand cast of design resin with patina that becomes more beautiful as it weathers.

Made in the USA.

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