Collection: Jizo, Tara and Other Meditation Statues

There are different types of statues of different deities with which you can create your altar and meditation space, either in your garden or home. Mainly there are:

Jizo Bodhisattva is one of the most beloved and revered Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. Jizo is the embodiment of the Bodhisattva Vow, the aspiration to save all beings from suffering. He is the protector of women, children, and travelers in the six realms of existence.
Tara is a female Buddha. She is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas and the goddess who accomplishes their enlightened activities. Her name means "Saviouress," and it is she who comes swiftly to protect all beings from fear.

Create your altar in the garden or at home with the different options of statues that we have, you can find a Wooden Statues, Green Tara Statues, Large Wood Sculptures, Monk Garden Statues, among others.

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