Should I Use Incense?

Should I Use Incense?

Incense has been around for thousands of years and is commonly used to help facilitate meditation.  Due to the aromatic nature of incense, it can help calm the nervous system and enhance a positive and present meditation practice.  

Incense in Buddhism

Should I Use Incense I DharmaCrafts

Nearly all spiritualites use incense in some form or another but it is particularly important in Buddhism.  Using incense during your practice is seen as more than a simple offering to a deity.  It is truly a part of the critical daily practice and is a way of honoring the Triple Gem of Buddhism: the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.  This dedication is considered to be one of the first steps in becoming a real Buddhist.  It is believed that when burning incense and the fragrant smoke that comes teaches us the importance of burning away negative qualities and energies within ourselves in order to see and understand our inner lights.

How Can Incense Help You Meditate?

Should I Use Incense I DharmaCrafts

Using incense as part of your meditation routine can help deepen your spiritual connection.  Certain scents are thought to help us unlock our chakras and achieve clarity through our daily rituals.  However, there are some practitioners who believe that it is better to burn incense before beginning your practice as the smoke can sometimes be distracting or make it difficult to breathe.  Burning incense before beginning to meditate erases the possibility of shaky breathing while, also, providing the aromatic benefits.  

Should I Use Incense I DharmaCrafts
Two of the most popular types of incense are Sandalwood and Frankincense.  In Buddhism, Sandalwood is considered to be the best incense to use while meditating.  It’s warm and sweet aroma has also been used in traditional Tibetan medicine and is thought to help unlock the third eye chakra.  Similarly, Frankincense has also been used in Tibetan medicine to help lower stress, anxiety, and depression.  Frankincense has a particularly calming effect on the central nervous system because it contains phytochemicals that affect the cerebral cortex and limbic systems that are responsible for our emotions. 

Aside from the clear chemical benefits, incense can be used as a simple meditation timer.  If you want a 30-minute meditation, you can find incense that burns for that amount of time and it is an all natural, screen-free way of keeping track of your practice.  

Should I Use Incense I DharmaCrafts


 Blue Sky Tibetan Incense

Blue Sky Tibetan Incense I DharmaCrafts

This special Tibetan meditation incense is made from 26 Himalayan herbal ingredients by refugee lay people in H. E. Ayang Rinpoche's monastery in Bylakuppe, India. Made in accordance with 13th century Tibetan teachings from a "secret" recipe. Blue Sky is renowned among the Tibetan community as the highest quality incense available. It has a particularly soothing effect upon the mind and the nervous system. Each box contains approx. 30 sticks of 10" long, clean burning incense.


Hibi Incense

Hibi Incense I DharmaCrafts

Bring delightful fragrances anywhere you go with our new Hibi Incense.  Despite only being the size of your palm, each box contains 30 sticks that burn for about 10 minutes each allowing for short aromatherapy sessions for the busy individual.  We are excited to offer six unique fragrances, each one derived from herbs grown by a local incense producer using traditional methods in the Harima region of Awaji Island.


Gozan (Five Hills)

Gozan Five Hills I DharmaCrafts

Perfect for meditation or to promote an atmosphere of calm and contemplation. High-grade sandalwood base.


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send me a price sheet on high end incense thank you I saw the one on face book before I could print it it was gone.

gordon fish

need prices on (high end ) incense

gordon fish

Do you know if the scents and smoke bother cats?


When will Suk Hyang incense be available again?
It seems to have disappeared from all sources…


It should be used with caution however… aside from obvious fire safety…
Ventilation… at least one window open… not in a small enclosed space… don’t sit to close.
“Pure” incense… some contains many impurities.
This has been an issue among some monks and at several temples in Asia.


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