The Artistry of Our Resin Garden Statues

The Artistry of Our Resin Garden Statues

DharmaCrafts has been carrying this beautiful and unique line of resin garden statues since 2002. Most of our resin statues, such as the Seated Kuan Yin and Gassho Garden Monk, come from intricate wood carvings that were made by hand in Bali in 2000 and 2001. These wood carvings were then brought to the US and molds were made so that the resin statues could be produced.

Since the beginning of this project and up to today, a portion of every statue sale goes back to the artisans in Bali where the original carvings were made. This is quite an extraordinary thing, and a main reason we are still so very proud to offer these resin statues as part of our product line today. We are also happy to offer statues that have accurate Buddhist iconography as well as pleasing and serene faces.  We know you will enjoy your statue as a focal point of your contemplative garden for many years to come.

Four reasons why a resin statue is a good choice:

1) Resin offers more detail than stone and is more lightweight

2) Resin statues are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use

3) Resin offers different levels of a rust patina finish that weathers beautifully

4) A portion of each sale goes to the Bali artisans who crafted the original wood carvings

In this video DharmaCrafts founder, Dyan, shows more of the beauty of our resin garden statues.

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