The Healing of Mindfulness Meditation by Sharon Salzberg

The Healing of Mindfulness Meditation by Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness meditation can be a refuge, but it is not a practice in which real life is ever excluded. The strength of mindfulness is that it enables us to hold difficult thoughts and feelings in a different way – with awareness, balance, and love. This, rather than trying to annihilate painful feelings or eradicate negative patterns of thinking, is what heals us.  — Sharon Salzberg (from Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection #BK576)

Sharon Salzberg I DharmaCrafts

- Sharon Salzberg

One of the key lessons from Sharon Salzberg’s book Real Love is recognizing that self-love is important. We start with ourselves because we are worthy of love and self-sufficiency supports us to sustain love for others. The Real Love Online Course builds on the teachings from the book to offer a more structured learning environment. The six-week program includes video lessons, guided meditations, and other tools to help you embody a more connected way of being.

The sound of a singing bowl can be healing and help us to stay mindful. This high-quality, hand-hammered singing bowl is individually crafted from seven metals for a deep tone and long resonance. It has more vibration than a singing bowl made from cast metal, and is easy to play. Watch it being played here.

Mala I DharmaCrafts
- Fossil Coral and Red Jasper Mala

Holding a mala such as this one made from Fossil Coral and Jasper can have a calming and healing effect. Fossil Coral is believed to quiet the thoughts and promote inner peace. Red Jasper is thought to stimulate the chi, or life force, and to foster physical strength, focus, and determination. Brown Snowflake Jasper helps to eliminate negative energy, and it is said to dissolve sudden anger, fear or panic.

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