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What Energy Do You Need? A Guide to Common Crystals

Crystals have been used for hundreds of years to help physical and emotional ailments.  Placing them in your palms while you meditate or practice mindfulness can help promote positive energies and dispel negative ones.  In the past few years there has been a renewed interest in crystals and precious or semi/precious stones and their healing properties.  If you have been looking to try and integrate crystal use into your life we have compiled a list of our favorites and the positive energies they can bring into your life.  Find what’s best for you!


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which can assist in blocking negative energies.  It also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or space, such as EMF waves which come from all electronic devices.  This stone can, also, help to cleanse, purify, and transform energy into ones that are more positive in order to raise the spiritual vibration of a space.

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Rose Quartz

Due to its rosy color it is no surprise that Rose Quartz is most often associated with unconditional love.  It is said to embody the energy of the heart chakra and is commonly used for compassion meditation practices.  Furthermore, Rose Quartz can help restore trust after it has been lost.  It can also help to rehabilitate broken relationships and bring harmony back to one's life.  It has, also, been said that Rose Quartz can be a powerful tool during periods of grief.

Rose Quartz Mala I DharmaCrafts


Jasper is a powerful stone that is known to absorb negative energies from a person while promoting courage and confidence.  Aqua Terra Jasper (also known as Impression Jasper) is especially powerful as it is said to heal the nervous system and can work to bring one out of a state of despair and help them find hope again. 

Matte Aqua Terra Jasper & Amazonite Mala I DharmaCrafts



Obsidian is another high-powered stone that is incredibly protective and often acts as a shield against destructive energies.  It can help to flush out emotional baggage as it brings all emotions to the surface.  In doing this it can help a person recognize their negative thoughts and mental anguish in order to take steps to emotionally cleanse themselves and take positive steps forward.

Matte Snowflake Obsidian and Dragon Vein Agate Mala I DharmaCrafts



Citrine is one of the best stones to help promote creativity through self expression.  It enhances your concentration and can help balance your emotions.  Furthermore, it aids in releasing negative thoughts such as fear and can help turn that energy into something positive like optimism, motivation, and clarity.  It is great to pair with a mindfulness practice as that will enhance its creative properties.

Citrine with Aragonite Mala I DharmaCrafts



Turquoise is generally considered to be a good luck stone and can help to find balance within yourself.  In Tibet it is often used for Green Tara practice or in practices that dispel obstacles in life.  For physical ailments it is said to benefit the respiratory, skeletal, and immune systems.

 Turquoise with Carnelian Mala I DharmaCrafts


Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is an iridescent stone known to promote confidence.  It is commonly used in certain Tibetan Buddhist practices and is said to be the favorite gemstone of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  If you are struggling with anxiety and self doubt, Tigers Eye can be extremely beneficial.  Additionally, if you are looking to take the next step in your personal or professional life Tigers Eye is definitely the stone for you.

Tigers Eye Mala I DharmaCrafts



Amethyst is one of the best stones to use during meditation practice as it enhances calmness and intuition in addition to promoting peacefulness and contentment.  The stone is incredibly protective and promotes healing through purification.  It can help denounce negative thoughts to help find spiritual wisdom.  Furthermore it can help those struggling with insomnia and find a better understanding of one's dreams.  

Amethyst Crystal Keychain I DharmaCrafts



Moonstone is traditionally associated with the heart and crown chakras.  It is known to help encourage inner strength and spiritual growth.  It is a powerful stone to use in conjunction with meditation practices as it is believed to impart calmness and enhance your intuition.  

Peach Moonstone Mala I DharmaCrafts

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