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Workplace Meditation

This five minute guided meditation is designed to help you get focused and find success in the workplace. It will help you visualize moving through situations with confidence and ease. This practice is good for managing stress or anxiety and is appropriate for beginners. It can be done easily while simply sitting in your chair. So, take a seat and let’s begin.

About Ariel:

Ariel has worked with movement her whole life. Originally a dancer for many years, she shifted to her focus to Somatic Psychotherapy in 2008 when she obtained her MA at CIIS in San Francisco. She worked at The Center for Somatic Psychotherapy, one of the only somatic based clinics in the country. In 2010 She obtained her MFT license in California. Since then she has built a private practice in San Francisco, centered around supporting individuals, children, adolescents and families using somatic work, movement therapy and mindfulness meditation. Most recently, she established a private practice in Belgium. She was certified to teach yoga in 2002 and has taught yoga, meditation and workshops of various topics over the years in San Francisco, Boston and Lewisburg, PA. She has studied with various teachers in the mindfulness community, primarily Tara Brach. She has been melding the disciplines of movement, meditation and psychotherapy for over 15 years to help others find choice and equanimity in their lives. She currently lives in Antwerp, Belgium where she enjoys rock climbing, meditating and other outdoor adventures with her husband.



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