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Green Tara Singing Bowl - Longevity & Protection

Green Tara Singing Bowl - Longevity & Protection

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Seek longevity and protection with our elegant Green Tara Singing Bowl.

This singing bowl features a relief carving of the Green Tara on the inside bottom of the bowl. Tara is a female bodhisattva and often considered the mother of all Buddhas. She has many forms that are represented by different colors, such as White Tara, with each relating to a different enlightened duty that she performs. Green Tara is considered her primary/ central form.

Green Tara's Mantra: "Om Tare Tuttare Ture Sua Ha"

When the bowl is played, Tara's mantra is dispersed throughout the air and takes effect, spreading blessings of love and compassion to all sentient beings.

Size: 7" diameter

Includes mallet & cushion (pictured).

Visualization while playing the Green Tara Singing Bowl:

To visualize Green Tara, imagine her sitting directly in front of you, above your head, facing you, in a human form.

Visualize her as a beautiful young woman with a slight jade hue; her face is sweet and bright like a full moon. She is sitting in lotus position with her right foot extended. In each hand, she is holding an utpala flower.

Visualize rays of light, protection, and healing emanating from her heart to your heart, eventually interpolating yourself with Green Tara.

Visualize her as strongly and vividly as you can in order to allow her to guide you. Imagine that Green Tara is finally immersed within you and in your heart.

Say her mantra a few times or as many times as you can with this mental image.

Your mind and body are now clear of all ignorance, negativities, and defilements.

Also available are our Manjushri, Medicine Buddha, and Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva singing bowls.

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