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Paṭacārā Buddhist Nun Statue

Paṭacārā Buddhist Nun Statue

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Patacara was an Indian woman who lived during the 6th century BCE in what is now Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Her story is long and tragic: a child of a rich family, she ran away to be with her ‘lower caste’ love, but then the young woman was struck with deep misfortune. First, the death of her lover, then her children and finally the death of her parents. This incomprehensible loss made her go insane with grief. She wandered the streets - naked, starving, dirty and ranting. People tormented her by throwing stones and ridiculing her.

When she encountered the Buddha and told him her story, he clothed, fed, and educated her. She immediately understood the concept of impermanence, which helped her cope with her grief. She continued to follow Buddha's teachings, eventually becoming a sotapanna, the first stage of arayahood, reserved for those who have attained "the fruits of the path". Buddha eventually appointed her the foremost keeper of the Vinaya, "The Rules of Conduct", amongst the nuns.

Size: 6" L x 12" W x 16" H; 12 lbs.

Materials: Hand cast of design resin with patina that becomes more beautiful as it weathers.

Made in the USA.

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