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Vajra (Dorje) Pendant

Vajra (Dorje) Pendant

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The vajra (thunderbolt), or dorje (scepter), is a spiritual weapon and tool sacred to Vajrayana Buddhism and Hinduism. It is wielded by Indra: the Hindu god of the sky, weather, and storms. His Buddhist equivalent is known as Śakra or Sakka.

The vajra weapon symbolizes the "masculine principle" (upaya), strength, and wisdom. It is a Tantric symbol of the absolute, beyond opposition, the Three Jewels, and the union of the spiritual and material world. Traditionally, dorje are larger in size and are used to strike bells during rituals.

Our Vajra (Dorje) Pendant comes wrapped with fabric that can be used as necklace cord or to make the vajra a hanging ornament, or it can simply be placed on your home altar to be incorporated in your meditation rituals. You can also use your own cord or chain to customize the pendant to your liking.

Size: 3" long

Also available are our Phurba, a similar spiritual weapon, and the Visva Vajra (Double Dorje).

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