Facial Roller and Gua Sha: Spiritual Significance & Instructional Guide

Facial Roller and Gua Sha: Spiritual Significance & Instructional Guide

The use of facial rollers and gua shas may seem like only a new trend, popularized by beauty influencers and skincare brands, but these unique little tools have actually been around for centuries.

The concept of using jade and similar stones on the face finds its roots in Eastern medicine circa the 17th century. Chinese royalty would rub jade on their faces as a means to minimize inflammation and pain, reduce skin redness, improve blood flow, and for its believed anti-aging qualities.

In Buddhism, different stones and crystals have unique properties that they are thought to be empowered with. They can be found dotted throughout Buddhist mythology and history, and are meant to help encourage increased energy flow in areas that the user may feel are lacking. Varieties of quartz, for example, are often used to make Buddhist prayer beads (mala), as it is believed to serve as an aid in meditation and concentration.

By incorporating these minerals into your skincare routine via face roller and gua sha, you are not only gaining the physical benefits they provide, like increased blood flow and anti-inflammatory properties, but the crystal’s effects as well.

We offer our Facial Roller and Gua Sha set in 5 color/ stone options

  1. Amethyst: Believed to promote calmness and clarity of the mind, amethyst is a healing stone known for its ability to relieve irritability and anxiety. 

  2. Clear Quartz: Considered the “master healer” of crystals, clear quartz is known for its ability to magnify the effects of other crystals. It is also believed to be a general aid to overall mental and spiritual wellbeing.

  3. Rose Quartz: A stone popularly associated with love and romance for its gentle pink hue. It’s thought to bring positive energy towards inter and intrapersonal relationships in your life.

  4. Jade: Likely the most well-known stone for its popularity and symbolic value in the East, jade is believed to serve as a protective and harmonious stone. In China, jade is considered lucky and virtuous.

  5. Tiger's Eye: Like the strong, brave wild cat of its namesake, Tiger’s Eye is intended to make the user feel enhanced bravery, strength, and confidence, as well as increased focus and problem-solving skills.

You can learn a little more about some of these crystals here.


How to Use Each Tool

The roller and gua sha both have specific methods of application that, when done properly, elevate them to their full potential. It is perfectly acceptable to use each tool on your face in whatever method feels most comfortable or effective for you, but it can also be intimidating to start using tools like these if you haven't used anything similar in the past. These are the traditional methods that have been passed down for generations for getting the best results out of your new beauty tools: 

Gua Sha Instructions:

  • “Gua sha” literally translates to “scraping sand” in Chinese. This name refers to the way the stone is used, and the small red dots or “petechiae” that occur on the skin after use. Traditionally, these tools are used on clean skin of the face and neck in tandem with an oil or moisturizer to act as a lubricant.
  • Move the stone in outwards and upwards “scraping” motions against the contours of the skin. Use repeated movements in each area with increased pressure each stroke. It is normal to see some minor redness/ irritation when you first start "gua shaing" from the new and unfamiliar pressure to your skin.
  • Similarly to the facial roller’s two different ends, the gua sha has a smaller, more narrow end, and a larger, notched end. Use these different ends depending on the size of the area of skin you are currently working, with the stone curved in the same direction as the natural contour of the area. For example, if working the under eye, you should use the notched end of the stone and scrape the skin upwards from the inner to outer corner area of the eye.
  • Repeat 2-3 times per week, or as desired. Gua sha massage should not be performed daily - especially when you first start out. Too much pressure and scraping of the skin can cause excessive irritation and bruising.

Facial Roller Instructions:

  • The facial roller is used similarly to the gua sha, but is arguably the easier of the two to wield for beginners given the convenience of the handle and simple double roller style.
  • Like the gua sha, the facial roller should be used on freshly cleansed and moisturized skin of the face and neck - preferably with an oil, serum, or similarly lubricating skin product of your choice.
  • Using medium pressure, simply roll the stone end in upwards and outwards motions from the center of your face to the outer edges. Some users find the roller most effective when rolled back and forth, while others say you should only ever roll in one direction. We suggest trying both methods to see which works best for you! 
  • Use the smaller end of the roller for smaller, more sensitive areas, such as the eye area and between the eyebrows. Use the larger end of the roller for large surfaces of skin, such as the cheeks, forehead, and neck/ chin. 
  • Incorporate into your morning and evening skincare routines. Since the roller is gentler on skin than the gua sha, it can be used twice per day, or at least 3 times per week.
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