Our 7 Best Products for Welcoming New Beginnings This Spring

Our 7 Best Products for Welcoming New Beginnings This Spring

In cultures all around the world, springtime is known as the season of renewal, rejuvenation, and getting a fresh start. While any time of year is appropriate for setting new goals for yourself - whether spiritual, mental, or physical - many people are inspired by the newness of spring to start seeking positive changes. Watching plants come back to life, snow melt away, feeling temperatures rise, and hearing birds chirp, all instill a refreshing sense of opportunity and hope after a long winter.

The DharmaCrafts products on this list are intended to serve as inspiration and motivation for embracing new beginnings as you enter another spring season.

Velvet Zafu Zabuton Set - Copper in field with flowers
Pictured: Velvet ZZset in Copper

1. Sunbrella® Outdoor Zafu Zabuton Set

This brand new “ZZSet” (zafu zabuton set) combines the classic comfort you can expect from DharmaCrafts meditation cushions with the durability of Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics.

These outdoor meditation cushions allow you to bring your practice anywhere - indoors or outdoors. They are ideal for meditating outside, outdoor yoga, and helping you kickstart your spring meditation routine.

Our Sunbrella meditation cushion collection comes in 7 eye-catching colors: Black, Navy, Ivory, Grey, Fuchsia, Birch, and Teal. The individual outdoor zafu and outdoor zabuton mat can be purchased separately, and we also offer a matching Sunbrella® Outdoor Bolster Pillow (sold separately) in 2 shapes.

Sunbrella Outdoor Zabuton Mats

Pictured: Sunbrella® Outdoor Zabutons


2. Enso Meditation Timer by Salubrion

Our Enso Meditation Clock is one of our best-selling items here at DharmaCrafts - and for good reason! This little device is considered one of the best meditation alarm clocks by many novices and pros alike thanks to its sleek, portable design and variety of intuitive features.

Incorporating this meditation timer into your daily meditation routine this spring is an excellent way to help you stay motivated and on track. No matter if your spring resolution is to start exploring meditation techniques for beginners, or you just need a little something to help keep you dedicated to your practices, the Enso Clock is a useful aid in helping you meet your goals.

Enso Meditation Timer


3. REMIX Private Island Body Oil

If you’re looking for spring self care ideas to add to your wellness routine, this luxurious body massage oil is an excellent choice. This body oil gives your skin a soft, supple feel while providing essential nourishment. Full of natural ingredients and essential oils, the captivating fragrance of this oil creates a soothing aromatherapeutic experience every time you apply it. 

REMIX Private Island Body Oil


4. Spring Incense

Burning incense is a powerful and natural way to cleanse your home of negativity while leaving behind a refreshing aroma.

Here are a few of our spring incense sticks to purify your spaces with:

White Tara is one of the 21 forms of Bodhisattva Tara. In this form, she is associated with healing, prosperity, and purity. As you seek positive change in your life, burning this incense as an offering to White Tara will call upon her healing powers to help guide your path.

White Tara Incense Sticks

This premium Japanese Incense comes in 5 scents, each of which is inspired by a different natural element found on our planet: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. As you burn this incense in your meditation room, each of the unique fragrance blends helps to empower different aspects of your mind and soul. Sekishen, for example, takes inspiration from metallic elements and is an excellent incense for manifesting your goals.

Elemense Japanese Incense - Sekishin
Pictured: Elemense Japanese Incense in Sekishin

The gentle floral fragrances of these floral incense sticks create a refreshing aroma in your home or meditation spaces. Bringing the soft, sweet scents of spring indoors helps to cleanse the air of the heaviness of winter, while also inviting a sense of calmness. Choose from 3 delicate scents: Leaves of Spring, Cherry Blossom, or Beautiful Spring.


Flowers of Spring Incense Sticks - Cherry Blossom

Pictured: Flowers of Spring Incense Sticks in Cherry Blossom


5. Floral Meditation Cushions

If your current meditation pillows are in need of replacement, or you’re just looking for something new to refresh your meditation and yoga supplies, our floral and paisley printed Ambrosia meditation support cushions are the perfect way to add a little bit of spring cheer to your practice! 

The complete Ambrosia meditation cushion collection includes: our zafu and zabuton set, zabuton flat mat, zafu cushion, and meditation bolster (each sold separately).

DharmaCrafts Ambrosia - Mist Zafu Zabuton Set
Pictured: Ambrosia - Mist Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

6. Malas

For centuries, Hindus and Buddhists have used mala beads as a tool for prayer. Like a rosary, the individual beads on a strand of mala (typically 108 bead mala necklaces or 27 bead mala bracelets) are used to count mantras during meditation and prayer. Nowadays, malas are also popular in the general meditation community as a way to increase mindfulness and focus during meditation sessions.

At DharmaCrafts, we offer dozens of beautiful and unique malas made of various crystals and in multiple styles. The purpose and energy provided by your mala prayer beads varies depending on the materials used to craft the beads in your mala.

Here are a few of our malas beads that feature the best crystals for spring:

Moonstone is, overall, one of the best crystals for new beginnings because of its association with introspection, emotional balance, and soothing stress/ worry. This stunning iridescent stone comes in a myriad of colors, each of which possesses slightly different properties.

Peach Moonstone Wrist & Neck Malas
Pictured: Peach Moonstone wrist & neck malas

This gorgeous green mala features prehnite and olive quartz beads that both help balance the heart chakra - the body’s center for compassion, love, and forgiveness.

The prehnite stones in this mala help to promote unconditional love and healing in the wearer, while the olive quartz beads dotted in between help to encourage confidence and wisdom. When combined, these stones aid in letting go of negativity while moving towards a bright, new future.

Burmese Jade Prehnite Neck Mala

Our striking red aventurine and jade mala features an orange and green color palette that is just as powerful as the energies possessed by these stones. The fiery aventurine on this mala bead necklace boosts the wearer’s confidence and courage in order to communicate effectively and help attain any goals, while the pastel green jade helps to keep the wearer grounded and compassionate.

Red Aventurine with Burmese Jade Neck Mala


7. Garden Statues

The plethora of Zen garden sculptures we offer here at DharmaCrafts bring your garden to life with the protective and healing energies of various deities. As you prep your garden, yard, and other outdoor spaces for the spring and summer seasons, adding a few of these meditation garden statues will bring an air of calmness and positivity.

Our collection includes outdoor Buddha statues that help to bring good health and fortune to your home, graceful bodhisattva garden statues (such as Guanyin and Tara), charming sculptures of whimsical animals, sanguine monk statues, plus much more.

Moonlight Royal Ease Kuan Yin Statue
Pictured: Moonlight Royal Ease Kuan Yin Statue
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