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Earth Touching Buddha Statue

Earth Touching Buddha Statue

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Reaching down with his right hand, Buddha calls upon the earth to witness his awakening. This iconic gesture is called the "earth witness" mudra. In recent years, the representation of the Buddha in the earth touching pose has become a powerful symbol of the Green Dharma movement.

Hand cast of crushed stone and lightly patinated to accent the exceptional details of this statue.

Measurements: 9" W x 6" D x 11.5" H

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    Step into the serene world of Buddhist Meditation, where each breath leads you closer to inner peace. Explore the depths of your being, embracing mindfulness and cultivating a profound sense of tranquility. Let go of stress and worries as you discover the path to true serenity within yourself.

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    Step into the sanctuary of the Sacred Space, a haven where silence speaks the unspoken truths of the heart. Within its embrace, discover the tranquil path towards serenity, draw upon the wellspring of inner strength, and embark on a journey of profound spiritual transformation.

  • Meditation for Spiritual Growth

    Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Spiritual Growth Meditation. Delve deep into your inner being, forging connections that transcend the material realm. Cultivate wisdom, nurture your spirit, and awaken the latent power within you.

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Doug Snider
Lord Buddha Statue

Great reminder of Love...Kindness...Joy and Compassion. Great product. Great price. Well worth the money. Statue is placed at the door...and reminds everyone of Lord Buddhas infinite blessings. Immediately elevated the positive energy in the house. Bless Lord Buddha.