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Medicine Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha Statue

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The Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru, Skt.), one of the most revered deities of the Buddhist pantheon, embodies all the healing qualities associated with the enlightened mind. He is invoked for healing physical illnesses, as well as to pacify the inner afflictions of desire, anger and ignorance.

Our Healing Medicine Buddha Statues is made of bonded stone with antique finish.

7 3/4" w x 6" d x 11 1/2" h

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  • Buddhist meditation

    Step into the serene world of Buddhist Meditation, where each breath leads you closer to inner peace. Explore the depths of your being, embracing mindfulness and cultivating a profound sense of tranquility. Let go of stress and worries as you discover the path to true serenity within yourself.

  • Sacred Space

    Step into the sanctuary of the Sacred Space, a haven where silence speaks the unspoken truths of the heart. Within its embrace, discover the tranquil path towards serenity, draw upon the wellspring of inner strength, and embark on a journey of profound spiritual transformation.

  • Meditation for Spiritual Growth

    Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Spiritual Growth Meditation. Delve deep into your inner being, forging connections that transcend the material realm. Cultivate wisdom, nurture your spirit, and awaken the latent power within you.

Customer Reviews

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Cristi Cave

I can't say enough about this statue. It's so beautiful. I put it in my garden as a memorial to my cat, but I find myself peeking at it throughout the day, just as a reminder of serenity and healing.

Beautiful and peaceful

Every morning I wake up, this is the buddha idol I see , it just feels so peaceful.
The idol is true to size and the order was received on time.
I am very happy with this purchase and definitely recommend to every one...

Serene and Beautiful

Wow Feeling!...
When I saw the images in the site I was feeling the calmness within me. But when I received the package I was so excited to open and I cant wait a single moment. I had so much happiness looking at his face daily and so excited to set him in a welcoming corner of my home. Thanks to this site for delivering a Serene piece of Buddha.. with no doubts I will recommend to all my friends.


Daniela Greco
Absolutely beautiful buddha

Fast shipping, well packed. It’s so beautiful, well made, looks amazing in my planter surrounded by beautiful flowers. I love it so much I bought 3 for my friends they are all very impressed with it. It’s a fabulous gift!!! It’s one of those must have item. I will treasure it for a long time. For relaxation I sit here in front of it and play relaxing chime music. Enjoy the statue and relax during your special quiet time.

Gorgeous piece

I was a little nervous about ordering this statue with no reviews from a site I’ve never used before (I was specifically looking for a medicinal Buddha for my garden and this is the only one I could find).

First, DharmaCrafts shipped my order right away and it arrived quickly and it was packed very well. Next, Buddha statue itself is gorgeous. It’s very heavy and has amazing detail. Buddha’s face and posture are so serene. It actually looks even better in person than the pictures. I love it so much I’ve kept it in my house instead of placing it in my garden. Now I’m debating buying an identical one to put in my yard.