Collection: Inspirational Art

Add an inspirational touch to any space with beautiful Wall Art from DharmaCrafts. Inspired by ancient wisdom traditions and beautifully shot on location worldwide, these prints will be a source of serenity for years to come. There you can find a variety of options from Neutral Wall Art to Chakra Hanging Tapestry.

Not sure which would suit you best? Discover your favorite!

Photographic Prints: Stunning fine art photographs printed on stretched canvas have a sealed, finished backing. By photographer Laura McGlone.
Chakra Art: The chakras are said to be swirling centers of energy within the body and play a role in both the yogic tradition and Vajrayana Buddhism.
Wall Hanging Art: Special blessings for your home.
Art Tiles: A devotional image for your shrine or other sacred space is a detail from a Tibetan thangka.

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