The Mind Light Collection of Fine Jewelry

All the Buddhist traditions describe the true nature of our mind in terms of light. In Zen it is said, "Mind Light shines everywhere." In Vajrayana practice, we visualize deities in the nature of jewel colored light, and we radiate light to living beings in tonglen meditation. Mind light is an expression of our Buddha Nature.

This new collection of fine sterling silver and 18 kt. gold jewelry celebrates our Mind Light which is brilliant, clear, precious, compassionate, and wise. Each pendant is handset with VS quality diamonds and very high quality gems. Stones of such high quality sparkle brilliantly even in small sizes. The diamond symbolizes our clear, bright, and indestructible Buddha Nature. The ruby and tsavorite signify the wisdom light of the deities Vajrayogini, Red Tara, and Green Tara. The blue sapphire represents the Guru in the ngondro practice of guru yoga.

We hope this collection of refined, understated jewelry will encourage your practice. Since most of us are unable to devote more than an hour or two each day to sitting meditation practice, we need to find a way to carry our practice into our everyday life. This is not easy because the force of our habitual patterns is so strong. We often need help to remember to maintain "divine pride" or "return to moment mind" in the face of our daily activities. It is in this spirit that we offer this symbolic, contemporary fine jewelry. May it serve as a discreet and beautiful reminder to turn your attention to this present moment and remember who you truly are. May your Mind Light shine everywhere!