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3 Stone Stack Necklace

3 Stone Stack Necklace

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Hand-picked tumbled beach stone and recycled metals are used to create these unique stacked rock pendant necklaces featuring a small Om symbol charm.

The art of rock stacking is a popular modern form of meditation and mindfulness. It is a physical act of achieving balance and harmony, with a great level of dedication and focus required in order to successfully stack the stones.
The Om, or universal symbol, is a Hindu symbol of the universe and oneness between mind, body, and spirit.
Together these items become a wearable symbol of your spiritual journey and a reminder to seek balance both within yourself and with the world around you.
Comes in two options: silver or gold.
  • 3 Ocean Tumbled Beach Stones
  • Recycled Metal
  • Rhodium Dipped Charm
  • Comes on 20in. silver chain or 14K plated gold chain
  • Handcrafted in Rhode Island, USA
  • Packaged in Organic Cotton Muslin Sack

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