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8mm Lapis Stretchy Wrist Mala

8mm Lapis Stretchy Wrist Mala

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Healing lapis, the stone of the Medicine Buddha, is strung on elastic with 8 mm beads to fit the wrist of most men and women.

Lapis is the gemstone associated with the Medicine Buddha, the healing aspect of Buddha-nature. Lapis is thought to strengthen and heal those who wear it.

Learn more about how to use mala beads and picking the right ones for you here.

Sizing: Fits most men and women

Materials: 8 mm lapis beads

Made in the USA.

Also available are the matching lapis 108 bead mala and lapis hand mala.

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  • Mala means “garland” in Sanskrit. Malas have been used for thousands of years as a meditation and prayer tool by members of Dharmic religions and other spiritual followers. Stretchy wrist malas are often worn as a reminder to practice mantra at all times. Wearing a mala bracelet or necklace is especially convenient for a person who is ill and would like to recite mantra in bed; the mala beads are always right there on their body. Many spiritual people wear malas as a continuous reminder to be mindful.

    Malas traditionally consist of 108 beads plus 1 guru bead. 108 is considered a holy number in Dharmic belief and symbolizes spiritual wholeness. The guru bead is not counted in the 108 because it only functions to signify the end/ beginning of a prayer cycle while using the mala. It is also common to find mala with fewer beads, such as necklaces and bracelets. These will usually have 54 (1/2 of 108) or 27 (1/4 of 108) beads, but mala with other factors of 108 can be found as well. All malas, regardless of number of beads, may still be used for mantra practice.

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Lovely gift.

Beautiful. Very nice stones.

Patrick Phillips
Lapis mala bracelet

Very pleased with purchase. High quality with beatiful stones. Works great on my wrist.