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Beaded Lotus Bracelet

Beaded Lotus Bracelet

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Treat yourself to something new with our marvelous new Lotus Bracelet. Choose between brass or silver plated brass to pick what’s best for you, or even treat yourself to both! Made using either a brass or silver plated brass lotus pendant, brass or silver plated brass beads, and waxed black thread. They utilize a pull cord allowing for some customization in size; however they are made for smaller wrists.

Bracelet: 8” L

Pendant: .5” H x .5” W

About The Didi Project:

The Didi Project is on a mission to help women in India create beautiful and sustainable lives for themselves. They work to uplift women who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by teaching them how to make stunning pieces of jewelry and then sell their products. The Didi Project’s goal is to help these women gain full time employment in order that they can support themselves and their families. Founded in 2012 by Laurel Gunnarson the Didi Project works hand-in-hand with Aashiana, a non-governmental organization in New Delhi that helps those affected by HIV/AIDS. They provide monthly food rations, children’s programs, outreach education, and emotional support to over 45 families. With every purchase you help to support this great cause.

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