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Blue Buddha Healing Incense

Blue Buddha Healing Incense


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From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Bhutan

The Blue Buddha Healing Incense is caringly handcrafted in accordance with ancient traditional methods to be offered to the Medicine Buddha. It contains a blend of high-quality medicinal herbs, minerals, flowers, barks, roots, spices, and fruits found in the vast Bhutanese Himalayan valleys and mountains.

The Medicine Buddha is a healing deity who is typically depicted with solid blue skin in reference to lapis lazuli - an auspicious healing stone in Buddhism. Offerings made to Bhaisajyaguru (Sanskrit) promote healing, spiritual strength, and wellness. 

Ingredients: Arura, saffron, cardamum, aru, baru, churu, cinnamon, and several precious medicinal herbs



  • Each stick measures approximately 8" long

  • Approximately 30 sticks per incense bundle

  • Comes in a beautiful brocade tube

  • Handcrafted using natural herbs


Handmade in Bhutan.

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