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Brass Bodhisattva Padlock

Brass Bodhisattva Padlock


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These oversized and highly detailed Brass Bodhisattva Padlocks are fully functional locks that can serve a multitude of spiritual purposes. Each features a relief depiction of a bodhisattva of your choice and includes keys for practical use. Display the locks as décor in any sacred space, as a symbol of spiritual protection and security.

Secure your spiritual and meditation supplies in a chest or box and use these ornate locks to protect them not just physically, but spiritually as well, with the powers of the depicted bodhisattva to protect and bless it.

Incorporate these decorative padlocks into your meditation rituals as a symbolic action. By unlocking or locking the lock, it could be a symbol of your own release of stress, securing of your spiritual strength, or the manifesting of your current aspirations. The meaning is yours to create.

Choose from:

Tara: the female counterpart of Buddha and goddess of mercy.

Quanyin(AKA Guanyin or Kuan Yin): The female form of Avalokiteshvara and divine embodiment of compassion..

Buddha: Shakyamuni, Siddartha Gautama; The Buddha himself performs the Abhaya mudra.

Buddha Head: Buddha's bust alone is thought to resemble not just the greatness and love that Gautama Buddha himself represents, but the great knowledge he holds in his mind, as well as the distinction between the power of the mind and the power of the body.


  • Each lock includes 2 keys featuring vajra detailing, on a metal ring
  • Fully functional- doesn't just have to be décor!
  • Ornately engraved backs of locks
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