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Brass 3-Bell Door Chime

Brass 3-Bell Door Chime

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Each of these sturdy Brass 3 Bell Door Chimes features a depiction of the Hindu deity of your choosing and produces a crisp, strong chiming when struck or moved. This antique doorbell chime makes for a stunning piece of décor or for spiritual use and practice.

According to Hindu belief, a Ghanta is a ritual bell (usually found outside of temples) that is rung when followers are about to begin their prayers. The sound is believed to be heard by the gods and communicates to them your intention to pray.

Hang this door chime on the door to your meditation room or altar space so its beautiful music can fill the air before you begin your practices.

Sun & Moon: As a religion that adheres to the lunar calendar, the moon and sun are deeply important in controlling everything from holidays to superstitions in Hindu belief.

Antique Laxmi: Also known as Lakshmi, she is the goddess of many things including wealth, fortune, youth, and beauty.

Antique Ganesha: The benevolent, elephant-headed god of new beginnings.

Antique Krishna: Hindu god of protection and compassion. He is one of the eight incarnations of Vishnu, "The Preserver".

Size: 7" long each.

Each sold separately.

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