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Bronze Kuan Yin Goddess Statue

Bronze Kuan Yin Goddess Statue

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A beautiful homage to our lady Kuan Yin, Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. In the Bronze Kuan Yin Goddess Statue, she stands gracefully atop a pair of lotus flowers floating in tempestuous waters. Upon viewing the movement in the ripples of her elegant, sage green robes, you can almost hear the wind swirling and waves crashing around her. In her vessel is the nectar of compassion; the water of life, which she pours to dispense her mercy unto all sentient beings, thereby removing their suffering through purification of the worldly seas.

Sometimes compared to the Christian Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin is worshipped all over the world by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Her message of peace, compassion, and love - particularly for those less fortunate - grants her a venerability that transcends cultures and religions.

She is also known by many similar names, such as Guanyin in China, Chenrezig or Avalokitesvara in Tibet (her male counterpart), and Kannon in Japan.

Materials: Cold cast bronze

Size: 12.5" tall

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