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Carnelian & Jasper Mala Beads Set

Carnelian & Jasper Mala Beads Set


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Our stunning Carnelian & Jasper Mala Beads Set consists of a 108 bead mala prayer necklace and matching wrist mala. Mala prayer beads are a tool used during meditation as a way to count mantras. By repeating a chosen prayer once per each bead, you can achieve deep focus and set meaningful intentions during daily meditation sessions.

Jasper is a mesmerizing variety of quartz, known for its many shades of tan, cream, and brown. It brings stress relief, stability, and wellness while combating negativity. While this powerful stone can aid in opening multiple chakras, it is most effective at sacral chakra healing.

Carnelian stone is considered to be an uplifting stone - both mentally and spiritually. With its warm red hue, carnelian aids in boosting energy levels and passion, granting us with the ambition to do the things we love.

Materials: Jasper stone beads (8mm), carnelian stone guru bead (10mm), & brown string.

Size: Jasper bead necklace measures approximately 18" long. Wrist mala opening is 3.25". Both feature an adjustable knot closure.


Handmade in Nepal.

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