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Copper & Brass Double Dorje

Copper & Brass Double Dorje


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The Tibetan double dorje (visva vajra) is created when two vajra (dorje) are crossed to make an 'X' shape. Our Copper & Brass Double Dorje can be kept on your meditation altar as a protective talisman, or keep it on your person during the day to serve as a reminder of your spiritual strength.

This spiritual tool is a symbol of the indestructible nature of enlightenment; it possesses the strength of a diamond and the force of a thunderbolt. This durable Buddhist ritual item aids in dispelling ignorance, purifying negative karma, and removing obstacles in order to invite wisdom and spiritual ascension.

In Buddhism, brass and copper are both considered to be conductive of positive energy, helping to channel it into your body and mind.


Materials: Solid brass & copper.

Size: Measures 4" across at widest point.


Handmade in Nepal.
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