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Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block

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Our sturdy Cork Yoga Block is designed especially for yogis who have limited flexibility or range of motion, or are just starting out and could use some assistance attaining more advanced yoga positions.

By adding just a couple of inches, this block allows for better balance and helps to train your body to be more flexible. Each side is a different length, so the block can be flipped to achieve the desired height.

Use this rubber cork yoga brick to aid in balance, plus add comfort and support while performing different yoga and meditation positions, such as:

  • Touching your toes (padangusthasana) and triangle pose (trikonasana)
  • Opening the back/ chest (matsyasana) 
  • Improving posture during seated yoga positions
  • Strengthening exercises- cork block is heavy enough to be used as a light weight
  • Balance-improving poses (garudasana, natarajasana, vrksasana, etc.)

Why Cork?

While it is non-slip and moisture resistant, cork is also considered to be a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material. The bark of the tree is quick to regenerate after harvesting, and cork itself is completely biodegradable once discarded. This natural substance is free from harmful and toxic chemicals that can be found in foam-based yoga products.



  • Approximate size: 8.75" long x 6.75" wide x 4" high

  • Made of cork sourced in Vietnam.

  • Features DharmaCrafts logo.

  • Use with our matching Cork Yoga Mat.

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